About Us

How it all began – an idea of a perfect and healthy solution to our kid’s colds.


As new parents, we watched our child grow, from infant to toddler to a beautiful young child. But when he caught a cold or started coughing, we just didn’t like the idea of medicines from the drug or grocery store. Some of them were syrups, and some of them were just honey.

Most of these remedies didn’t work on us as adults, so how could we have faith in them for our child? How could we know they were healthy?

That got us researching preventative remedies, and using the body’s natural defenses – just like our mothers and grandmothers did!

Homeopathic Medicine has been a tried and tested method of healthcare for hundreds of years – and now, on a lollipop, it’s the medicine your kids will love to take. And remember – because the medicine is on the outside – just a few licks equals a full dose!


Created by father Peter when his son was a young baby, as a means to help his child through the pains of recurring flu and travel sickness. As Peter crafted the product, over time he perfected the recipe that was a happy medium between delicious and healthy with an abundance of therapeutic benefits. Watching how well his young son was reacting to the lollipops, Peter knew other children (and parents!) would find the homeopathic medicines and lollipops equally as useful. From there, Lil Giggles was born and has been helping children all over the world ever since with their flu, colds, and travel sickness.

Lil’ Giggles is part of the MaxRelief USA group – a manufacturer and distributor of ingenious and unique natural products – famous worldwide for its MaxRelief Arnica Pain Relief Cream and Spray (www.maxrelief.com).